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Branded Content

GOG Chamber Commercial Shoot-84
We love stories. Who doesn't? That's why telling your story is the best way to promote your company or organization.

Live Event Production

From Emmy® nominated television programs to concert promotional videos, we have the experience and expertise to produce outstanding multi-camera events.

Post Production Facilities

Maybe all you need is for someone to edit together your footage or create some original content with pictures and graphics.
We do that too!

Instructional & Training Videos

Companies around the region have relied on us to create custom training and informational videos for them. Videos are way
more fun than manuals.

Our Story

Education is at our Core

More than just a play on words, this is truly what we embody in our company. As a part of Goshen College's Communication Program, FiveCore was born out of a need for our students to have hands on experiences.
By incorporating award winning students from Goshen's Communication Program, we can offer high quality, competitively priced videos to our clients, and a tremendous learning opportunity for our students. Our student staff is directed by seasoned professionals who have a passion for storytelling and teaching. We think this is a great mix between the energetic youth and professional experience.

National and Regional Awards

Hopefully we are proof that sometimes size doesn't matter. This little video production company has won some big awards in our short amount of time.

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Wow! Time flies when you are having fun. We've been serving the Goshen and Elkhart County area for 5 years.

Industry Experience



Over 15 years of video production experience.

Video Projects



Over 148 video projects and counting!

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It takes a lot of coffee to fuel the amount of creativity we produce every year.